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A rural painter, working in the dramatic Marches landscape, my work is very varied. I prefer natural materials, including van Dyck crystals, earth pigments, charcoal, graphite, beeswax and seasalt for their resist and dispersal qualities, and to explore different papers; a rag, stick and a wide flat brush are liberating tools.

I enjoy collage as a medium, recycling wherever possible, and having shrugged off previous misgivings, now embrace the versatility of acrylic paint. My paintings are a distillation of observations, an attempt to evoke atmosphere and energy.

Subject matter varies from land and animals to church interiors, woodland, sea, sky and garden, and I lean towards a free and sometimes abstract treatment of these subjects. After repeatedly drawing a new subject, to familiarize hand and eye with shape and essence, I work with colour towards a freer translation.

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